Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pile Up

When I finished coloring this image I almost tossed it out. I reconsidered then thought of cutting the dog off because he was the part I didn't like. He ended up too dark and I couldn't see his eyes. I changed my mind again and decided to keep it intact. It wouldn't look right without the doggie. I chose striped paper because it just made all the other colors pop. This card is black on the inside as I haven't decided what sentiment to place inside. That is the case with most of my cards.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moosing around

This moose was just too adorable to pass up. I've been meaning to finish this and send it to someone as an I miss you card. Well it is finished except that the inside is blank.

Mike and Ike

The image on this card is Mike and Ike. I happen to love polar bears so I adore the mike and ike stamps. I made this card a while back but just got around to taking a picture. I made a birthday card for my boyfriend this year with a mike and ike image. The card is simple but cute. And on the back is my initial. I put it on most of my cards as kinda of trade mark. And once again a blue color scheme.

Birthday Elephant

This was another image that I stumbled across while at my sister's in July. I had lots of cards at home but I didn't have any for birthdays. The coloring on the elephant turned about practically flawless if I say so myself. The color scheme is mostly in blues since that is my favorite color. But the balloon had to be red. Ever since watching Winnie the Pooh I'm drawn to balloons being red. The paper around the image is the same as the other seeing as how I came by it the same way as the other card. It looks just as great with this image.


I was cat sitting for my sister for about 2 weeks back in July. She told me that I could play with her crafting supplies while I was there. I came across this image. I knew right away that I wanted to make a card with it. The pun was just too funny. I colored the plunger and toilet as realisticly was possible and the rest just had fun with flashy colors. The border was a paper that my mom had punched a shape out of with her die cut machine. I picked it up and put it around my image just for the heck of it and it was perfect.